About Us

"WikiIran" aims to expose the Islamic Republic of Iran's violatons of international laws and regulations. As the second generation of Iranians in exile, we believe that by increasing the pressure on the regime, we will be able to urge it to respect the rights of the Iranian people. As experienced professionals from various fields such as international law, finance, banking, medicine, media and computer and chemical engineering, our goal is to utilize our capabilities, networks, sources, and unique position in the West, in order to support and empower the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom and human rights. The launch of this outlet is our first step towards achieving this goal and we call upon whoever aspires to see democracy in Iran to take part in our campaign.

We offer this website as a platform for leaking information that exposes the Islamic regime’s violations of international laws. We obtain this information through cooperation with entities that share our beliefs and goals, as well as passionate programmers driven by humanitarian motives, who offer their hacking expertise to access relevant information. Some of the information is also gathered from public sources and the darknet.

Our goal is to make this information accessible worldwide, including its translation as needed. All information found on this website is validated and verified by our own sources prior to its publication. We urge experts, human rights activists and journalists to utilize these primary sources for their own research and publications.

To ensure that our users find accurate results for their queries quickly and effectively, we have developed a custom-made search engine, which searches our vast and rapidly-growing databases with high recall and precision.
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