Tahayyori - Part 6: Front Companies
Top 10 Front Companies Operated by Tahayyori
May 2022

WikiIran has exposed recently how one of Iran's largest money exchange houses, The Tahayyori Guarantee Society (شرکت تضامنی تحیری و شرکاء)/ARZ-IRAN (صرافی ارز ایران), operates an expanded international network of over 60 front companies for money laundering and circumventing the international sanctions against the Islamic Republic, See Tahayyori Exchange Leak. WikiIran is exposing here more information regarding these front companies, their financial activities, etc.

Based on a close review of the records from Tahayyori's servers, WikiIran highlights here Tahayyori's top-10 front companies filtered by their scope of financial activities. The financial activities are presented here by the total amounts being transferred by Tahayyori and its affiliates through the front companies and on behalf of the Iranian banks and companies. The total activities of these top-10 front companies reach 51% of the total illicit financial activities being carried out by Tahayyori's network of front companies.