ASB Group - Part 1: Major Involvement of Turkish Giant Oil Company "ASB Group" in Iran's Oil Export
WikiIran's Exclusive
September 2022

"ASB Group Companies" was established in 1990 as an international energy corporation which deals with oil, petrochemicals, natural gas, etc. WikiIran has gotten hold of thousands of documents which highlight the extent of ASB's support and involvement in recent years in exporting the Iranian oil for the IRGC and the Quds Force.

ASB's main office is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and has 17 offices across 14 countries such as Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Germany, and Switzerland. Just until recently, ASB's official website showed that this company had two offices also in Iran (Tehran and Neka). The list of clients and partners, as appears on ASB's website, does not include Iranian companies such as the Iranian National Oil Company (NIOC) and the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), which are subject to the international sanctions due to their connection to the IRGC and Iran's Ministry of Energy.

ASB Group is led by Sitki Ayan, a Turkish businessman. Ayan was under several extensive investigations which were reported by the Turkish and the international media and exposed the corruption cases he was involved with. According to one of these investigations, Ayan's business activities at ASB and one of ASB's subsidiaries "Som Patrol Ticrat A.S.", were conducted in coordination with a Quds Force's commander named "Seyyed Ali-Akbar Mil-Vakili", who was in fact Ayan's case officer. The Turkish police investigated the relationship between the two as part of the operation against the Quds Force's activities in Turkey, however, the case never got to the court.

Even prior to these investigations, which were published in the media, Ayan was in touch with regulators in Turkey since 2011 so to promote a law and to provide an official government assistance to build a gas pipeline which would transfer gas from Iran to Europe via Turkey (project "Iran-Turkey-Europe Pipeline (ITE)). The failing initiative, costing 1.3 billion USD, was planned to be a joint initiative between the company Som Patrol and the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).

Based on the documents exposed here by WikiIran, we can assert that ASB has been the key infrastructure and leading front for oil export by the Quds Force, and it constitutes the largest financial infrastructure for the Quds Force outside Iran. These documents also expose the direct role of the company "Baslam", another ASB's subsidiaries, in exporting the Iranian oil and transferring the income to Iran. According to documents from the database exposed here, Baslam has signed oil contracts with front companies, which were established by the Iranian clients in Russia and China, and now are subject to sanctions by the US Treasury Department, such as the Chinese company "Haokun" and the Russian company "RPP".

WikiIran will expose soon additional information about ASB's criminal activities in exporting the Iranian oil, including contracts with front companies which are involved these days in circumventing the sanction and carrying out illegal sale of the Iranian oil.