ASB Group - Part 4: Turkish Giant Oil Company "ASB Group" Trades Iranian oil with Chinese Company in Violation of Sanctions
WikiIran's Exclusive
October 2022

WikiIran's analysis of documents and information leaked from the servers of the Turkish giant oil company "ASB Group" reveals that this company has been trading Iranian oil in violation of international sanctions.

As indicated in one of the documents exposed here, ASB and its subsidiary company "Baslam Nakliyat Ve Dis Ticaret Limited" were scheduled to sign on September 5, 2022, on an oil agreement with the Chinese company "Deming Qingdao Petrochemical." Although the agreement was about the sale of oil from Oman, the real origin of the oil was Iran and not Oman.

The personalities involved in this agreement include the following individuals. The brokers involved in this deal were fully aware that the deal included Iranian oil.

  • ASB's senior manager Bahattin Ayan (the son of the company's owner Sitki Ayan)
  • Venezuelan broker named Mario Luiz de Manuel (CEO of the companies "Stalco Shipping and Brokerage C.A." and "S.A.L.-Ocean Marine Projects", who is also active in Europe)
  • Greek broker named Vassilis Tsitsirigos" (a representative of the company "National Commodity Operators" which is registered in the Marshalls Island and operates from Switzerland and Greece)
  • The Greek company "Net Narine", along with its CEO – Elena Siloglou

The company which appears in the agreement as the seller is ASB's subsidiary "Baslam Nakliyat Ve Dis Ticaret Limited." The leaked information reveals that this company is involved, on a regular basis, with signing agreements for exporting IRGC/Quds Force's oil to China and assisting the commander Pour-Ja'afari (a commander in charge of exporting oil for both the IRGC and the Quds Force). This agreement shows that Baslam is working for the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), which is the leading front for selling the Iranian oil.


Please notice, this isn't the last version of the agreement

  • The Turkish bank "Vakif Katilim Bankasi A.S." represents in this deal both the seller and the broker.


  • The bank that follows the deal on behalf of the buyer is the Bank of China, Qingdao Branch.


The deal includes an immediate sale of two million barrels, which are already stored in China, and monthly delivery of four million barrels for one year period. The income for the Quds Force from this deal would be billions of USD.

The company would deliver the crude oil to six refineries in China:

  1. Lihuayi Lijin Refining & Chemical Co. Ltd
  2. Shandong Tianhong Chemical Co. Ltd
  3. Henan Fengli Petro-Chemical Co. Ltd
  4. Shandong Kenli Petrochemical Co. Ltd
  5. Qirun Group Co. Ltd
  6. Dongying Lianhe Petrochemical Group Co. Ltd. (Fuhai Group)