ASB Group - Part 5: Quds Force Uses Iraqi Companies to Circumvent Sanctions
WikiIran's Exclusive
October 2022

WikiIran has reviewed original documents and material leaked from the ASB's servers and found out about ABS's cooperation with the Iranian regime in circumventing the sanctions against Iran.

One of WikiIran's main focuses is how Iran's IRGC/Quds Force has been circumventing the international sanctions against those Iranian industries which constitute the main source of income for IRGC/Quds Force. Here WikiIran exposes how the regime cooperates with foreign companies to export oil to China in large quantities despite the sanctions and to transfer the income to the Quds Force. In this case, the Iranian authorities work with the Turkish giant oil company ASB Group, led by the Turkish oligarch Sitki Ayan.

The case exposed here shows how the Quds Force and ASB's subsidiary company "Baslam" signed a contract in December 2020 with an Iraqi company named "Araeek Company for investment & general trading LTD" for exporting 60 million barrels of oil to China every year. According to this contract, Baslam would transfer "Omani" oil to Araeek in STS at Omani's beaches, heading to China.

The company Araeek is an Iraqi company established in 2012 in Irbil, Iraq, active in trade and investments fields. Araeek's CEO is an Iraqi citizen named "Mohammed Ibrahim Abdalla," who is also managing Araeek's subsidiary company "Araeek FZE" in Dubai.

The agreement was signed on January 14, 2021, by the representatives of the companies Araeek and Baslam. The agreement includes the bank information for the required transactions (attachments to this agreement include a copy of Mohammed Ibrahim Abdalla's passport). Baslam requests to deposit the payments at its bank account at the Turkish bank Vakif. Araeek would pay via its account at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) in Dubai.

After signing the agreement, Baslam sent a side letter to Araeek and noted that both companies were aware that this was about an Iranian oil and agreed to keep this information confidential. The agreement signed by both sides is an evidence that the companies violate sanctions knowingly and sell the Iranian oil by deception while hiding the origin of the oil and the real beneficiary, namely, the Quds Force.


The same agreement which was signed between Araeek and Baslam was also signed between Araeek's subsidiary company Araeek FZE in Dubai and the latter. The agreement included documents related to Araeek FZE's establishment in Dubai.

Following the signing of the agreement and the export of oil by the Quds Force via this channel, Baslam issued in February 2021 two invoices for sale of oil to Araeek FZE. The first invoice for the amount of 48 million USD is for the sale of one million barrels of oil, and the second one is for an amount of 248 million USD for the sale of five million barrels of oil. Both invoices refer to transfer of Omani oil in STS in Omani beaches, while the following shipment was set to be unloaded in Port Dalian in China.


In sum, the Quds Force in cooperation with ASB and the Turkish Baslam succeeded to circumvent the sanctions and to sign fake agreements to export 60 million barrels of Iranian oil per year to China, utilizing the Iraqi company Araeek and its subsidiary in Dubai. All sides were well aware of the origin of the oil (Iran) and made fake agreements for deceiving the financial institutions.