ASB Group - Part 6: Exposing Another Quds Force's Channel for Exporting Oil - "China Oil and Petroleum Company
WikiIran's Exclusive
October 2022

WikiIran exposes here the evidence of how the company "Som Petrol Ticaret", a subsidiary of the company ASB, signed a contract with the company "China Oil and Petroleum Company, LTD", registered in Hong Kong, in order to sell Iranian oil under the cover of the Iraqi flag. The contract, with the ID number COP-0319/2, was signed on May 18, 2019, for a period of one year with the option of extending for additional years.

According to one of the documents, leaked from the ASB's servers and published here by WikiIran, the company Som Petrol would supply Iranian light/heavy crude oil while providing documents which would refer to this supply as Iraqi oil from the Iraqi oil company "SOMO." The deal would include a discount of 12-13.5 USD per barrel.

The payments would be made to the bank account of Som Petrol at a bank in Turkey. The document states that Som Petrol would be in charge of making the payments to Turkey via Singapore, Hong Kong or the United Kingdom.

Amirhossein Haghighi, a long-term player in exporting Quds Force's oil to Syria and to the East, had signed the contract on behalf of "China Oil and Petroleum Company." Mohammad Karimian had signed as a witness and he would address any issue that would come up.



The final draft of the contract, signed by both sides, includes an invoice which states that the oil is an Iraqi one (and not Iranian). According to another invoice from May 22, 2019, the purchasing company would pay 42.5 million USD for 750,000 barrels of oil via the Lebanese company "Greta Oil & Gas Offshore Lebanon."