ASB Group - Part 7: Exposing IRGC-ASB Cooperation for Leasing Carriers
WikiIran's Exclusive
November 2022

WikiIran exposes here documents leaked from the servers of the Turkish company ASB concerning the cooperation between this company and Iran's IRGC for exporting oil in violation of the international sanctions. The correspondence exposed here was held between ASB's CEO Ghassem Oustaz and an individual named "Ali Naazi," who is involved in channels for exporting IRGC's oil and dealing with carriers. An email, dated February 4, 2021, indicates that Ali Naazi was interested in leasing very large crude carrier (VLCC) which would exit from the UAE heading to China. WikiIran's understanding is that the reason that the Iranian oil exits from the UAE was presenting the UAE as the origin of the oil on the documents and not Iran.

The NITC-ASB Cooperation on the oil carriers:

WikiIran has found out that ASB's subsidiary "Som Petrol" and the Iranian company NITC has been cooperating in recent years with regards to leasing oil carriers and have been holding meetings in Tehran and reaching necessary agreements.

According to an email exchange from 2016 between "Jan Bonde Nielsen," a businessman active in London working via the company "CHEYN GARDENS" and cooperating with Sidki Ayan, and "Jamal Sardashti," NITC's CEO, the latter was offered to lease 5 carriers as part of a joint-venture with NITC. Ghassem Oustaz was cc'd on this email exchange.

This email includes the information of this carrier which belongs to the company "RKoffshore" and is registered in Singapore as below:

Address: 3 Anson Road, #24-01/02, Springleaf Tower, Singapore 079909

Email: [email protected]

The vessels are:

  • MARY K

  • LIV K




A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), signed between these entities, defines that Som Petrol would be in charge of searching and leasing oil carriers for NITC, emphasizing VLGC and LPG (carriers for liquid gas).

Following the cooperation between the entities, MOU was exchanged between Sidki Ayan, representing the company "Baslam," and the London-based businessman Jan. Sidki mentions in this document that both sides invested in oil from the oil field in north of Iran, and he has received an amount of 2.3 million Euro for his investment.


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