ASB Group - Part 8: Exposing Another Channel of Quds Force for Selling Oil & Receiving Payments
WikiIran's Exclusive
December 2022

In our search for information and sources on the Islamic regime’s continuous efforts to circumvent the international sanctions, WikiIran has been reviewing and analyzing documents which have been leaked recently from the servers of the Turkish company ASB.

One of the documents leaked from these servers is a contract signed between Mr. Sitki Ayan, the owner of ASB, and Mr. Rostam Ghasemi, who has been leading the oil sale on behalf of Iran’s IRGC/Quds Force for the last several years. Ghasemi, due to his key role in trading Iranian oil on behalf of the Quds Force, has been subject to the sanctions by the US Treasury.

This contract, exposed here by WikiIran, is signed between ASB and one of the its subsidiary companies, a company named “Baslam Nakliyat". In this contract, Baslam commits to offering various services for selling the allocated oil at its disposal.

Two articles in this agreement are worth highlighting. Article 2 of this contract, for instance, is about how to transfer to the QF the payments received by Baslam in exchange for the oil. This Article states that both sides agree that the money transfer would take place in cash either in Turkey or another country which would be acceptable on both sides.

According to another article of this contract, Article 5, both sides agree that 51% of Baslam’s shares would be transferred to an entity, to be selected by the QF, as a guarantee for the QF for the period of the project. It is noteworthy that WikiIran’s review of ASB’s subsidiary entities and their shares points out that someone named Mr. Jabril Khangoshwici holds 50% of Baslam’s shares.