PGPICC - Part 5: Exposing Vessels Used by PGPICC for Illegal Export of Iranian Petrochemical Products
WikiIran's Exclusive
February 2023

WikiIran exposes thousands of confidential documents leaked recently online from the internal servers of Iran’s largest petrochemical company “The Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry Commercial Company (PGPICC).” The information highlighted here expose how this company has been circumventing the international sanctions against Iran’s petrochemical industry.

The leaked information includes the vessels’ information, the destination (mainly China and Taiwan), and information on hundreds of PGPICC’s clients. The deals have been signed while hiding the source of products and their link to Iran.

The media reports that the PGPICC has exported up to 10.5 billion USD of products during the recent year. Above 15 vessels have been involved in export of petrochemical products during the past six months.

The export of PGPICC’s petrochemical products is subject to the US sanctions which prohibits purchase of Iran’s petrochemical products (Presidential Order #13846). Therefore, the vessels, used by PGPICC for exporting the products while hiding their origin, are involved in sanctions bypassing. Moreover, those companies, which provide insurance and other services to these vessels, even if they do so without knowing about those sanctions, are also violating the sanctions, and, consequently, are subject to fine by the US authorities.

Below, are all the vessels WikiIran's team identified, which are involved with shipping PGPICC’s products:

NameShip typeFlag of the vesselIMO - Unique vessel identificationProduction Date
BarzinCargo, Container ShipIran98202692018
BashtCargo, Container ShipIran93465362008
BehnavazCargo, Container ShipIran93465482008
BehtaCargo, Container ShipIran93495902009
Cma Cgm AquilaCargo - Hazard A (Major), Container ShipMalta94107412009
Eastaway MalmseyCargo, Container ShipMarshall Islands95394822011
Esl DanaCargo - Hazard A (Major), Container ShipLiberia93062872007
Esl SanaCargo - Hazard A (Major), Container ShipLiberia93061842006
HamounaCargo, Container ShipIran98202712018
RadinCargo - Hazard A (Major), Container ShipIran98202572018
RayenCargo, Container ShipIran98202452018
ShabdisCargo, Container ShipIran93495882009
ShabgounCargo, Container ShipIran93465242008
ZardisCargo, Container ShipIran93496792008