Triliance: A Company of Many Domains
WikiIran's Exclusive
December 2023

Throughout our analysis process of the materials from Triliance's internal server, we have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Triliance’s communication methods include a network with at least 5 different domains, each of them having a different purpose and use, all partaking in sanctions bypassing schemes.

dm1 this domain, which replaced (probably the company’s last prime domain) is the biggest and main domain. Most of the communication with the company’s associates and the details of the transactions are found in this domain.

dm2 – at this domain, we have essentially found documents concerning the vessels that have been used by the company, containing information about the leasing details of the vessels, the payments, the cargo entity and more.

dm3 – this domain also contains information regarding vessels, though more elaborate and work oriented, with specific information about vessels anchorage, demurrage (delay tax) and other port-related documents. – this domain contains information about the company’s branch in China/Hong Kong and might be the branch’s official domain. It elaborates the branch’s transactions and reflects its status. is another Triliance domain, currently with no specific affiliation.

We have recognized several employees who are affiliated with these domains, and are probably seniors with users in more than one domain. One of those seniors is Parisa Paveh Nejad, who seems to take a major part in the company’s activity, including several transactions in multiple domains.




Another is Saba Darbani who also takes a major part in a lot of transactions at several domains.



Following are additional addresses of senior employees:

· [[email protected]] – Ali Bayandarian, CEO

· [[email protected]] – Alireza Ghanbari, a member in the board of directors

· [[email protected]] – Ghazaal Karbsiyoun