State-owned Companies Supplying Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd. with Sanctionable Products
WikiIran's Exclusive
December 2023

Information obtained from "Triliance Petrochemical Co. Ltd" revealed how major Iranian state-owned companies, such as the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) and Persian Gulf Star Oil Company export their products by cooperating with Bayandarian’s corrupt sanction-bypassing network.

Apparently, Triliance’s front company network is responsible for a large portion of Iran's LPG exports. A contract obtained by WikIran shows how Triliance’s front (Trustee), Teamford Enterprises Limited (Hong Kong), signed a large-scale yearly deal, for the sale of 36 lots of LPG cargo that are worth some 1 billion USD. This again shows how the Islamic Regime robs the people off their national assets and gives them away to corrupt businessmen loyal to its core. Furthermore, to our understanding, in order to legitimize its methods and distance itself further from Iran, Teamford uses other companies, such as “Jade Eagle Petrochemical Co. Ltd.".




A formal Document by Teamford Enterprises Limited, Signed by Triliance’s owner- Ali Bayandarian


Similarly, an Oil giant that gains plenty of attention but largely stays in the shadows for its involvement in high-level sanction-bypassing and terror-financing, NIOC, has tight business ties to Bayandarian’s network. Triliance’s business with NIOC is rather diverse, ranging from crude oil to gasoline. It appears that the front company Vincent Global Trading LLC (UAE) acts as Triliance’s main agent for dealing with NIOC when trading petroleum products. A similar manner of hiding the ultimate beneficiary was applied with Vincent as well, when it used other companies, such as “Rui Chen Co. Limited” as a front for receiving payments.









Bayandarian’s business connections to Iran’s economic powerhouses are alarming, and they don't end there. PGSOC is another example of how Triliance manages to get such a tight grip on Iran’s most lucrative export goods. This oil refining company started operating thanks to the sanctions relief gained by signing the nuclear deal. Seven years later, it bypassed the same sanctions by trading with Ali Bayandarian - a notorious corrupt criminal, complicit in financing the Islamic Republic regime. These deals were carried out by a few front companies: Vincent Global Trading LLC (UAE), Newton Trading FZE (UAE) and Oceanic Partner Limited (Seychelles). Interestingly, both Vincent Global and Newton Trading are owned and operated by Anthony Vincent, possibly alongside the de-facto CEO, Iranian national, Sadegh Mollaei.