In the Service of MODAFL: Vessels, Tankers and Insurances
March 2024

We have recently identified at least 28 vessels used as part of MODAFL’s illicit oil trade under the cover of Sahara Thunder.

22 of the vessels listed below were involved in sanction-evading or activity (STS, loitering and more).

Six of these vessels are already under U.S sanctions and are still transport oil on behalf of MODAFL (a sanctioned entity in itself).

Current NameIMO number
ARGO I9187667
MT SONIA 19357365

Another worrisome information to highlight is that approximately 85% (24\28) of the vessels in Sahara Thunder’s fleet have changed their names in the past 2 years, with some of them doing so multiple times. This is a strong indication for a cover up attempt intended to hide the vessels’ involvement in sanction evasion and other illicit trade.

These vessels listed below are involved in the sanction evasion operations of the regime and MODAFL.

Name of vesselFlag of RegistrationVessel IMO numberP&I Club (insurance provider)Ship OwnerUltimate Beneficial OwnerOperator
REMY Formerly: Eastern Pride, MT Deep Ocean, Asian Spirit, EurofaithPanama (Former Liberia)9247431American Steamship Owner P&I AssociationSea Regina ShippingN/AN/A
MS ENOLA Formerly: KOHO 1Djibouti9251951Standard P & I ClubJourney Investment CoRose Shipping LTDRose Shipping LTD
LYDIA II Formerly: Maren, MazyonahPanama9365776UK P&I ClubSunny Land Trading LTDQaa AlbaharSunny Land Trading LTD
MT SONIA 1Iran9357365N/AAlp Shipping IncNational Iranian TankersNational Iranian Tankers
DUNE Formerly: dusk, HADI 9, sea breeze 9, pan gloris, DUNEJIran9569712N/AOlt Lines IncMarut Oceanic LTD
NEREIDES Formerly: NISSHO MARUPanama9264881Japan Shipowners P&I AssociationOlt Lines IncMarut Oceanic LTDMarut Oceanic LTD
ABYSSVietnam9157765Steamship mutual P&IQuoc viet marine transport JSCMelody ship management private limitedPetrovietnam transportation corporation
LADY SOFIA Formerly: HUELVA SPIRIT, ULATIMATE FREEDOM, LADY AVAPanama9212759Assuranceforeningen Skuld NorwayVishnu IncVishnu IncVision shipping limited Ltd-Hkg
RAMONA | Formerly: SHADI, SEAGULL 21, TRIATHLONPanama (Former Iran)9233222The London P&I ClubElias shipping & trading groupN/AElias shipping & trading group
PETRA Formerly: MAR ELENA, MAR ELENA |, FURE FLADENGabon9263382UK P&I ClubAmethyst Shipping LLCSea Route Ship Management FZESea Route Ship Management FZE
FAXON Formerly: ELEGANCE, FALCON)Iran9283758N/ALandlord Shipping LTDNational Iranian TankersNational Iranian Tankers
DELBIN Formerly: TOUR 2, M.T. TOURIran9364112The Swedish P&I ClubProsper Trinity LtdIslamic Republic Of Iran Shipping LinesN/A
SNOW Formerly: FORMER CHERAM, DOJRAN, RAINBOWIran9569619N/AAmini Shipping LtdNational Iranian TankersNational Iranian Tankers
ATEELA 1Iran9548990North of England P&I AssociationBehengam Tadbeer Qeshm Shipping Co.Sapid ShippingSapid Shipping
MT ATEELA 2 Formerly: CHINO 2Iran9549009N/ABehengam Tadbeer Qeshm Shipping Co.Safiran Payam Darya ShippingSafiran Payam Darya Shipping
MT SNOW LOTUS Formerly: DA YUAN HU, LILA GUANZDHOU)Panama9259733Steamship mutual P&ICI Shipping LtdCI Shipping LtdPacific Ship Management Co-mai
TREND Formerly: MM STRENGTH, SPM STRENGTH, SCG URAL, RA2)Belize9231509Assuranceforeningen Skuld NorwayTrend Shipping LtdSmart Rabbit ShippingTrend Shipping Ltd
ARGO I Formerly: CHRISTINA, SILVER CLOUD, ARGOIran9187667Skuld P&INational Iranian TankersNational Iranian TankersNational Iranian Tankers
ARGO Formerly: BUDI IKHLAS, ORKIM INSPIRATION)Gabon9572111The Ship Owners Mutual P&I AssociationCalypso Nautical Ventures SaSea Route Ship Management FZESea Route Ship Management FZE
HARMONY Formerly: LIANA, SOL, GLOBAL HARMONY)Barbados9397030The Swedish P&I ClubInfinityGlory International FZE LLCGlory International FZE LLC
MT GLOBAL BEAUTY Formerly: TERNVIK, GLOBAL BEATY)Cook Island9221267Assuranceforeningen Gard NorwayGlobal Everest Shipping Lines IncGlory International FZE LLCGlory International FZE LLC
MISTRAL 1Panama9257993North of England P&I AssociationOdine Marine IncN/AAhana Ship management (private) Limited
ELVA Formerly: FRONT HAKATA, EKATERINA)Samoa9196644N/ALufindo Holding LTDRavel Ship Management Private LimitedRavel Ship Management Private Limited
LIA Formerly: MT LIA, ARWEN)Gabon9411288Steamship Mutual P&IWhite Sea Nautical SaSea Route Ship Management FzeSea Route Ship Management Fze
SHANAYE QUEEN Formerly: HS-Medea CL, HS Madea, Celestial)Malaysia (Former: Panama)9242118UK P&I ClubShanaye Shipping Pvt LtdAlya Marine Sdn BhdAlya Marine Sdn Bhd
M.T CHEM Formerly: TULIP, MT TULIP, KMA, K M ACook Island9240914Assuranceforeningen Gard NorwayAnjaneya Shipping IncSafe Seas Ship Management FZESafe Seas Ship Management FZE
KOHANAPANAMA9254082Standard P & I ClubKohana Co. Ltd.Polaris ShipmanagementIridescent Co Ltd

Based on the leaked materials, we have also identified about 13 different P&I clubs, based in multiple countries, which provide insurance policies to the vessels leased by Sahara Thunder.

By providing services to MODAFL, these legitimate P&I Clubs are in breach of US, EU and other global sanctions and are exposed to significant regulatory risk. Recently highlighted by the New York Times, P&I clubs and their compliance practices have long been under scrutiny as enablers of illicit Iranian oil trade.

It should be noted that at least 8 of those P&I Clubs listed below appeared recently in the leaked materials from Trilliance and are being used to insure both companies’ illicit trade.

American Steamship Owner P&I Association
UK P&I Club
Steamship mutual P&I
London P&I Club
Swedish Club P&I
Skuld P&I
North of England P&I
Steamship Mutual P&I
Assuranceforeningen Gard Norway
Standard P & I Club
Japan Shipowners P & I Association
Assuranceforeningen Skuld Norway
The Ship Owners Mutual P&I Association