Thunder Sahara's Petroleum - Made in Iraq?
WikiIran's Exclusive
April 2024

In order to successfully allow its sanction-bypassing activities, MODAFL-owned company Sahara Thunder fabricates documents regarding the source of their products and their origin. WikIran's team of analysts noticed an extensive use of documents from Iraqi SOMO (State Oil Marketing Organization) for masquerading Iranian oil as Iraqi Crude Oil.


An example of Iranian crude oil masqueraded as Iraqi oil through a fabricated Iraqi SOMO bill of lading for the MODAFL-affiliated MT REMY

It is not clear where or by whom these documents were made, as well as the level of Iraqi complicity to their fabrication, before reaching Sahara Thunder. When Sahara Thunder discussed the cargo documents from Basrah port, Iraq, it clears out the relevant vessel's captain doesn't have the documents he should have, or as he wrote himself:


So how did they manipulate their business associates? That's easy when fabricating parameters of the transactions is an option according to the contract.


All of those examples present a highly illegal activity of forgery and fraud that just looks like a natural behavior to this company. Furthermore, it is a cynical use of Iraqi SOMO's documents, products and name to their own selfish and illegal needs.