Comprehensive Information on More of Sahara Thunder’s Customers
WikiIran's Exclusive
April 2024

A large portion of Sahara Thunder’s business revolves around the sales of petroleum, condensates and petroleum products on behalf of the Iranian Ministry of Defense (MODAFL). The documents show a great demand for these products, though it comes with a price, and a few points that we believe should be underscored: Firstly, most cases show indications of a correspondence between Sahara Thunder to other companies for the sale of the abovementioned products, although in most cases there wasn’t proof for the deals being sealed. All of the clients found were middlemen that were fully aware they are involved with an Iranian company, buying sanctioned Iranian goods. In-fact, most customers seem to be Iranian nationals that operate in different countries, and sell the crude oil to pre-known end users (refineries), mostly in China. Most documents analyzed by us indicate that Sahara Thunder sells (or at least markets) its oil with very large discounts, revolving around 17-29 USD per barrel, compared with regular Iranian crude oil being sold at a discount of about 13 USD per barrel during 2023, according to “Nikkei Asia”. Having mostly Iranian customers, and given the extremely high discount (compared even with “regular” Iranian prices), all functions involved were aware of Sahara Thunder being affiliated with MODAFL. Some examples include Turkish “Adil Plastik LTD” or Chinese “Thenwin Petro Company LLC”, as can be seen by the Persian-written letters they sent Sahara Thunder. Some of the destinations mentioned by the customers are very different from the usual ones for Iranian oil: Poland, Brazil, Romania and South Korea.

NumberCustomer’s NameCountryNotes
1Titan Merchant LimitedChina/Hong-KongThe CEO is Raimonds Namikis, which is also the CEO of NFH Trade FZCO End User is Shandong Fuhai Refinery
2NFH Trade FZCOUAEThe CEO is Raimonds Namikis, which is also the CEO of Titan Merchant Limited End User is Northern Huajin Chemical
3Zhongqing Dongbai Jiangsu International Supply Chain Management Co., LTDChina/Hong-KongDestination Was Set for Muar, Malaysia
4Dinamica TradeSloveniaEnd User is Reman Refinery, Brazil
5Henan Energy Group HongKong Co.LimitedChina/ Hong-KongContracted Company- Plus Power Co., Limited (HK) (Registration Number: 7133023000011229 Destination Was Set for Poland
6Asher Energy Co., LTDChina/ Hong-KongSee Banking Information Below
7Access International Trading GroupUAE
8Adil Plastik LTDTurkey/ TurkiyeSee Banking Information Below
9Thenwin Petro Company LLCUAE
10Madar Al Rizq Trading LLCUAE
11Sanlier Petrol San Tic. A.S COTurkey/ TurkiyeSee Banking Information, Passports, Below
12Bin Zayed International LLCUAESee Banking Information, Passports, Below
13BA Synergy SDN BHD.Malaysia
14Vim Petroleum GroupOman
15Petro Middle East Petroleum LLCUAEAppears to be a Recurring Customer; Part of the Al Zarouni/Zarooni Group of Companies, Headed by Faisal Al Zarooni, a Large-Scale UAE Conglomerate Destinations Include: Romania and South Korea
16Jag International (China) LimitedChina/ Hong-KongSee Banking Information Below
17Nasr Oil & Trading CompanyOman
18AKB Oil & Company (Private) LimitedPakistanIntends to pay through a different company- “Astro International Commercial Brokers, Dubai”
19EIHG – Emirates International Holdings Group L.L.CUAE
20KT General Trading FZEUAEPlanned End-Users were Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Group/ Shenhong Refining and Chemical LTD.
21Sohar Gate Trading and Oil Field Services L.L.COmanDestined for Pakistan
22Emirates InterLink CommoditiesUAEReceived Probably the Largest Discount of All Companies- 29 USD per Barrel
23Petro Mas Oil Products Trading L.L.CUAEManaged by Indian National Abdul Sharook Shaik Salam Shaik, See Passport Below
24Pishro Tejarat SanaIran
25Al Jazeerah Petroleum Products TR. Co. LLCUAE
26Coral Trading Est.UAESeems to be a recurring customer. Owned & Operated by UAE National Khamis Abdallah Said Al Dhabouni, See Passport Below
Customer NameCountryHost BankAccount NumberBanker Information
Jag International (China) LimitedChina/ Hong-KongStandard Chartered Bank (China) Limited0000005011511364854
Asher Energy Co., LTDChina/ Hong-KongIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China1206022619000105420(CHY) 1206020209201400372(USD)Bank Officer: Mrs. Wu Jing +86 (0) 580-2027107
Adil Plastik LTDTurkey/ TurkiyeT.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.S.TR880001000456634094595001(TRY) TR610001000456634094595002(EUR)
Sanli er Petrol San Tic A. STurkey/ TurkiyeT.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.S.TR490001001165975294765001Bank Officer: Yilmaz Yelim [email protected]
Sanli er Petrol San Tic A. STurkey/ TurkiyeTC Ziraat Katilim Bankasi A.STR840020900001465908000001(TRY) TR570020900001465908000002(EUR) TR300020900001465908000003(USD)
Bin Zayed International LLCUAEMashreq BankAE150330000019000036584(AED) AE850330000019000036585(USD)Bank Officer: Tariq Ahmad Ibrahim Al Hawai [email protected] +971504799926

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WikIran urges the aforementioned customers, end users and involved banks to act against these clandestine means for Iran’s MODAFL to finance itself. We will continue to provide help to any bank/ organization seeking relevant documents to discontinue such mishaps, and welcome more of our readers to contact us. For the full list of documents, click here