Iranian Front Companies in China & Hong-Kong Involved in Sanctioned Iranian Petrochemical Trade
WikiIran's Exclusive
June 2022

WikiIran exposes 12 Iranian front companies, based in China and Hong Kong, which are involved in Iranian petrochemical trade that is currently subject to the U.S. sanctions. These front companies were used by both Iranian petrochemical producers and brokers to receive payments for the sale of their products to the Petrochemical Commercial Company (PCC). image-20220607182320486 Figure: This example (taken from row 3) shows the flow of transactions involving front companies. Source image:

These front companies managed to bypass U.S. sanctions by practicing illegal methods commonly used in the realm of money laundering. Utilizing these methods, they managed to manipulate their host banks to facilitate money transfers in violation of sanctions. Most of these companies, as presented in the table below, hold USD denominated accounts in Chinese banks.

One outstanding example from the list exposed here by WikiIran, is the international banking giant, HSBC, that hosts a USD account for the Iranian front company BOBCH Co., Limited.

The table below presents information on PCC's Front companies and the relevant proof:

Front Company NameBank NameAccount NumberUsed By
PZNFR TRADING LIMITEDChina Zheshang BankNRA2900000011420100099145 (USD) NRA2900000013820100014917 (EUR)Fanavaran Petrochemical Company
HYPER NUTRITIONAL TRADING COMPANY LTDChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880226730800182 (USD)Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company
Nashville HK LimitedZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankNRA56567142010500004006 (USD)PGPICC
GULAR Co. LimitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial BankNRA32020010201000023608 (USD) NRA32020010201000023616 (EUR)Jam Petrochemical
Solipar Trading LimitedEvergrowing BankNRA802110011423700387Marun Petrochemical
MENDOZA HK LIMITEDZhejiang Tailong Commercial BankNRA31010010201000039747 (USD)PGPICC
AUSER LIMITEDIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)NRA1001084409380003845 (EUR) NRA1001084409140013367 (USD)Kaveh Petrochemical
EAGLEVIEW HK CO LIMITEDZhejiang Tailong Commercial BankNRA31010010201000043616 (USD)Marun Petrochemical
BOBCH Co., LimitedHSBC Bank ChinaNRA 004-031373-055 (USD)Jam Petrochemical
FARGO INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LIMITEDZhejiang Chouzhou Commercial BankNRA56567142010500004303 (USD)SPII
SIERRA VISTA TRADING LIMITEDZhejiang Tailong Commercial BankNRA31010010201000043558 (EUR)Jam Petrochemical
BARZA STYLE & MODE Co., LIMITEDChina Guangfa BankNRA9550880229697600127 (USD)Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company