WikiIran's Exclusive: Iranian Banks Utilize Front Companies to Bypass Sanctions against Iran's Steel Industry (KSC & MSC)
WikiIran's Exclusive
August 2022

The leaked data from Iran's steel industry indicates that the Iranian banks manage to provide international services, mainly in the United Arab Emirates, China, and Honk Kong, despite the sanctions utilizing over 100 front companies. These front companies use their accounts at major foreign banks for receiving payments from KSC and MSC for their exports, and then pay for other Iranian imports using these received sums. Pursuing this channel, the front companies forge documents so to hide the actual purpose as well as the identities of the entities involved in the transactions.

The exposed information also suggests that the Ansar Bank's exchange body, named "The Ansar Exchange Company," facilitates most of KSC's annual export amounting to over 1.3 billion USD, utilizing different front companies, mainly in the UAE, China, Hong Kong and Turkey. This bank has been sanctioned internationally, initially by the U.N. and later by the E.U., for providing financial services to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and consequently being labeled as Iran's most notorious bank.


Ansar Exchange - Exchange office operated by Iran's notorious bank and KSC's key money facilitator abroad

WikiIran introduces here over 100 companies, which according to the new leaked documents, have been operated by the KSC as its front companies. The following Excel file is gathering 100 and more front companies used by KSC.

The mentioned Front Companies were found in the recent database from MSC&KSC leak.


CompanyForeign Bank NameIBAN
Aihua International Trading Co., LimitedAgricultural Bank of China, Beijing Chaoyang BranchNRA11041614048400062 (USD)
Wuhan Oriental Trading Co., LTDChina CITIC Bank8111501011700490000 (CHY)
Xinglonfda Trade Co., Limited (XL)China Zheshang Bank, Shanghai BranchNRA2900001011420100003720 (USD)
Douglas International Trade Co., LimitedICBC Bank (Industrial Commercial Bank of China)NRA1001083309148302430 (USD)
Kaisin General Trading Co., LimitedShengjing Bank Co., LTDNRA0880141402000004708 (USD&AED)

Hong Kong

CompanyForeign Bank NameIBAN
Glario International Trading Co., LimitedAgricultural Bank of China, Beijing Chaoyang BranchNRA11041614048400054 (USD)
JSK Exports HK LimitedBank of India, Hong Kong Branch852120102130421 (USD)
Uranus Ventures LimitedBank Of India, Hong Kong Branch852115112131945 (EUR)
YR General Trading HK LimitedBank Of India, Hong Kong Branch852220101124443 (HKD), 300000489 (EUR), 852220102130285 (USD)
Mcfly Plastic HK LimitedChina CITIC Bank018-744-139048628 (EUR)
Dongjin International Trading Co., LimitedChina Zheshang BankNRA2900001011420100003851 (USD)
Pulai Co., LtdCMB Wing Lung Bank Limited6013-432-9977
Bobch Co., LimitedHSBC HONG KONG691368302838 (Multi-Currency Account)
Huguma Commercial Co., LimitedICBC Bank (Industrial Commercial Bank of China)NRA1001048309148000824 (USD)
Sino Euro International Trading Co., LimitedICBC Bank (Industrial Commercial Bank of China)NRA1001048309388000809 (EUR)
JSK Exports HK LimitedICICI Bank Limited582043108 (USD)
Hung Yip International Trading CompanyIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China (ASIA) Limited8775300003030 (USD)
Hongkong Chaoran International Trading LimitedOCBC Wing Hang Bank (China) Linited, Guangzhou Branch847221200012312 (USD), USD Account Number: 035-802-830542-831 , SWIFT: WIHBHKHH
Conjoin Win International (H.K.) Co., LimitedOversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited601243827201 (EUR)
Meribel Trade Co., LimitedShengjing Bank Co., LTDNRA088014102000004765 (USD)
Zetowa Trade Co., LimitedShengjing Bank Co., LTDNRA0880141402000004856 (USD)
Zohar International Trade Co., LimitedShengjing Bank Co., LTDNRA0880143802000004756 (EUR)
Skyland Machinery Co., LimitedStandard Chartered Bank (China) Limited, Shenzhen BranchNRA000000501511371285 (USD)
Avrasya Trading Company LimitedStandard Chartered Bank (Hongkong) Limited44719091767 (EUR)
Fluxsmooth Trading Co., LTDStandard Chartered Bank (Hongkong) Limited44719092321 (EUR)
Plus Power Co., LtdStandard Chartered Bank Ltd36807787066
horryzin international trade co., limitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co., LtdNRA33080010201000000906 (USD)
Scofield HK LimitedZhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co., LtdNRA3101014021000017654 (Multi-Currency Account)
East Star CH Investimentos SA Hongkong4758594760 (USD)
Mark Lane Medical and Equipment Trading HK LimitedIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China (ASIA) LimitedNRA1001015909148001134 (USD)


CompanyForeign Bank NameIBAN
Al Meerani National Trading & ContractingBank Muscat0347017849670018 (OMR)


CompanyForeign Bank NameIBAN
Phoenix Industrial Supplies BrokerageDBS Bank LTD0720375190 (USD)
Phoenix Industrial Supplies BrokerageOversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited601332232201
YONA INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTDOversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited601249741201 (USD)
MALTU PTE LTDRHB Bank57601832801 (USD)


CompanyForeign Bank NameIBAN
Medal Medikal Dis Tic LTD STITurkiye Finans Katilim BankasiTR140020600210038041150102 (EUR)
Ticaret Limited SirketiVakif Katilim Bankasi A.S. IstanbulTR270021000000029211700102 (EUR)
FINAL ISTANBUL DIS TICARET A.SVaktifBankTR820021000000023264500102 (EUR)
HADSAN ENDUSTRIYEL MAKINE IC VE DIS TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI LTD STIVaktifBankTR800021000000017935900101 (EUR), TR530021000000017935900102 (USD)
VT GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET LTD STIVaktifBankTR460021000000024675600102 (EUR)


CompanyCountryForeign Bank NameIBAN
Billiton TRADING FZEUAEAbu Dhabi Islamic BankAE540500000000018904981 (AED)
Masket Building Material Trading L.LCUAEAbu Dhabi Islamic BankAE720500000000018972751
MICROTOP TRADING FZEUAEAbu Dhabi Islamic BankAE940500000000018665932 (AED)
Shine WorldUAEAbu Dhabi Islamic BankAE370500000000018917121
Metal ArkUAEAjman BankAE840570000011120722011
White Oak Worldwide Goods Wholesalers L.L.C.UAEAjman BankAE660570000011113587015
Masada Int'l FZCOUAEAjman Bank, Dubai BranchAE980570000011123546011
Argos International FZE L.L.C.UAEAjman Bank, PJSC Garhoud BranchAE640570000011123993017
Starlight Trading L.L.C.UAEAjman Bank, PJSC Garhoud BranchAE870570000011121651023, AE2305700000111121651011
Chronos Star for Goods Wholesalers L.L.C.UAEAjman Bank, PJSC Garhoud BranchAE7705700000111232B0027
Masket Building Material Trading L.LCUAEAl Masraf BankAE560080000994000016177
DB CLASSIC TRADER FZEUAEArab African International Bank - AAIBAE900070036911393101001 (AED)
East Zone TradingUAEBank AlfalahAE130990000001100007645
Jorhat Building materials trading L.L.C.UAEBank of BarodaAE280110090030200020747 (AED)
Argos International FZE L.L.C.UAEBanque MisrAE720150080309100000423 (AED)
Ayintap Goods Wholesalers L.L.C.UAEBanque MisrAE320150080302400000944
BORUSAN GENERAL TRADING FZEUAEBanque MisrAE190150080309100003705 (AED)
Famin FZEUAEBanque MisrAE880150080309100002269 (AED)
GRAZE STAR TRADING L.L.C.UAEBanque MisrAE440150080309100003352 (AED)
S R J Goods Wholesalers L.L.C.UAEBanque MisrAE370150080315000001512
Masada Int'l FZCOUAEBanque Misr, Dubai BranchAE780150080309200006054 (USD)
Helion Industrial Supplies L.L.C.UAECiti Bank Hong Kong704500754 (USD)
Emre Usengul Building Materials Trading L.L.C.UAECITIBANK N.A.704500773 (USD)
Argos International FZE L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE250230000001002554689 (USD)
Dream Land Trading FZEUAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE500230000001002406799
Eling Heavy Equipments & Machinery Trading L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE870230000001002336681 (AED)
Gloria Star General Trading Co., L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE680230000001001842614 (AED)
Jorhat Building materials trading L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE490230000001002388484 (AED)
Unigloria International FZE L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAER09023000001002521803
Wahat Alshrooq Industrial Solvents Trading L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE500230000001002395547
Yanbu Trading L.L.C.UAECommercial Bank of DubaiAE860230000001002478319
ALSOOR AL THAHABI TRADING L.L.C.UAEDubai Islamic BankAE180240097524261535701 (AED)
BLANCA GOODS WHOLESALER L.L.C.UAEDubai Islamic BankAE430240097580204697901
MASERI TRADING L.L.C.UAEDubai Islamic BankAE130240097525240841001 (USD)
Steelama Trading L.L.CUAEDubai Islamic BankAE310240016520198459001
Ruby Global Trading FZEUAEEbury Partners UK LimitedGB58EBUR23122831754572
Amroha Trading L.L.C.UAEEmirates Islamic BankAE160340003708418035301 (AED)
Yanbu Trading L.L.C.UAEEmirates Islamic BankAE300340003708409044701
New Orleans Trading FZEUAEEmirates NBDAE610260001015670832501 (AED)
SPARKLE STAR TRADING L.L.C.UAEEmirates NBDAE230260001025798424802 (USD)
Yanbu Trading L.L.C.UAEEmirates NBDAE30260001015748177701
Ayintap Goods Wholesalers L.L.C.UAEFirst Abu dhabi BankAES10351191324006642014 (AED)
Ayot International Trading FZEUAEFirst Abu Dhabi BankAE520351031324612528001 (AED)
Famin FZEUAEFirst Abu Dhabi BankAE390351191324677673001 (AED)
Starlight Trading L.L.C.UAEFirst Abu Dhabi BankAE150351191324002360015
Masada Int'l FZCOUAEFirst Abu dhabi Bank PJSC HONG KONG7500032021 (USD)
WEST LINK GLOBAL L.L.C.UAEMashreq BankAE730330000019100526085
Famin FZEUAEMCB Bank LimitedAE020910000018520000010 (AED)
Rhyton Trading FZEUAEMCB BANK LimitedAE240910000018620000018
Blue ways General Trading L.L.C.UAEMuslim Commercial Bank (MCB)AE380910000017720000010 (USD)
Al Njoom Al Thamania General Trading L.L.C.UAENational Bank of FujairahAE390380000012001570038 (AED)
Palladium Impex FZE L.L.C.UAENational Bank of FujairahAE35038000012001542077 (AED)
Scarlett Steel Trading L.L.C.UAENoor BankAE550520000111213420015
Lake View Building Materials Trading L.L.C.UAERak BankAE810400000332799195001 (AED)
Helion Industrial Supplies L.L.C.UAERak Bank UMM Hurrair BranchAE920400000332881716001
Cinergy Plastic & Nylon Raw Materials Trading L.L.C.UAE
Quntum Building Meterials Trading L.L.C.UAE
Smart Gulf General Trading L.L.C.UAE

Contract between KSC and Ansar Exchange