Iran’s Steel Industry Circumvents Sanctions by Using Western Vessels for Its Exports
WikiIran's Exclusive
September 2022

WikiIran exposes here additional confidential information and documents from the Iranian steel company “The Khouzestan Steel Company (KSC)”, which is controlled by the IRGC. The information presented here have been leaked recently from the KSC’s servers and they identify the vessels which have been used by the KSC for circumventing the sanctions and exporting its steel and metal products. One document, for instance, is a report that lists all vessels used by the KSC for its export throughout the Persian year 1400 (March 21, 2021-March 20, 2022).

The KSC exports over one billion USD worth of products each year shipped by sea. The main destination for these shipments is the Far East, especially the countries Indonesia, Thailand and China. One of the documents exposed here points out that the KSC exported about 1.3 billion USD during the Persian year 1400 (March 21, 2021-March 20, 2022).

It is important to stress that KSC’s export of products is in violation of the international sanctions. The Presidential Executive Order 13871 prohibits export of the Iranian metals. Therefore, all the vessels carrying the KSC’s products are actually violating the sanctions. The reports exposed here indicate that there are about 40 vessels involved in exporting the products which worth of billions of USD.

It is noteworthy that vessels are required to own an insurance of the cargo and the vessel, to define classification, the properties of the shipment and to have a flag of the country which the vessel is under sovereignty. Most of those which offer the shipment services are Western and legal companies. Those companies which offer services to those vessels that carry out KSC’s products have been actually violating the sanctions without their own knowledge.

WikiIran exposes here the following documents:

  1. Documents concerning specific ships

  2. List of exports during the Persian year 1400 including the list of the ships

  3. Names of ships

Documents concerning specific ships

List of exports during the Persian year 1400 including the list of the ships

Vessels Names:

  • Abm Justice
  • Abraham M
  • Alby Liberty
  • Alby Story
  • Alby Trinity
  • Alby Victory
  • Ali S
  • Arsham
  • Bavand
  • Best Adventure
  • Best Challenger
  • Best Will
  • Clare
  • Discover
  • Elegant
  • Elyana
  • Eurosun
  • Fu Hai
  • Georgia P
  • Hai Chang
  • Hai Xing
  • Hong De
  • Ivy Ocean
  • Jaguar 1
  • Maia
  • Mak 1
  • Maraki
  • Medrock 5
  • Ocean Bridge
  • Ocean Sky
  • Oceana Sun
  • Oceanic Wisdom
  • Parisan
  • Prince M
  • Reliance
  • Shun Da
  • Tulip 18
  • U Glory
  • U Rich
  • Wantong Summer
  • Xiang He
  • Yara J
  • Yong Ning
  • Sea Win
  • Eurostar
  • Alliance